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Gothic dresses - dark, romantic, stylish, and mystic

No matter if you are looking for a gothic evening dress or ball gown, a chic gothic wedding dress or just a sharp, black dress for a formal event – our dresses are the perfect choice for every occasion and everybody's gusto. Our gothic dress shop offers a wide variety of goth dresses at low prices in many different variations and styles by

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Gothic look dresses are hitting the main streets by now, but a woman wearing a gothic dress still appears as special and mysterious. Inspired by the friskiness of the Romanticism and the splendid details of the Gothic Art, but also Victorian austerity, the designers of gothic fashion draw from a broad range of ideas and inspirations. Gothic dresses are available with lots of black lace, as flowing robes, with wide bell sleeves, but also skin tight and crispy short, or seductively see-through.

Gothic style dress

The Gothic art as a style of Middle Ages was characterized by a precious architecture with moumental cathedrals and grand churches, astonishing visitors facing their splendour and finery down to the present day. Impressive constructions rising up to the sky with an enormous opulence of details and lavish use of material should praise the Lord, but were also intended to let the light of God shine on the founding secular monarch, not to forget to leave both faithful and ordinary people standing in awe of this magnificence. Due to the limited technical possibilities, women's fashion in these days still was homely and simple. But as time went on the gorgeousness of the gothic architecture found its way into fashion. The following eras created a melange of details and variations delivereing the inspiration for the marvelous variety of gothic dresses of today.

Gothic girl - and the special occasion

Black is not a colour, but an attitude. Even if you're opposing social conventions and breaking the norms, there are still occasions and events you need a formal attire to be dressed properly and avoid looking inappropriate. But you want to remain true to yourself. This could be the big family gathering with your grandparents and all relatives, the christmas staff party, or maybe a sad occasion, so you are searching for a dress to attend a funeral service. There are days when you want to look pretty and neat without attracting too much attention, but still want to stick to your style; looking nice as a gothic lady without beeing seen as a freak. Check the Andersartig Gothic Shop for precious goth style dresses, more than appropriate for formal events as well as ceremonial occasions. Gothic dresses, playing with the elements of the gothic style like lace and ruffles, without overdoing and falling into cliché. Adequate goth outfits for girls and women who maintain their individual style and don't want to be average, but also don't want to look cheap or inappropriate. No matter if you are looking for a little black dress or a noble goth ensemble - that's why you are here, and we are here to serve you.

Goth dresses for witches and elves

It's not only Liv Tyler as the beautiful elf maid Arwen from Lord Of The Rings wearing medieval inspired dresses bringing that kind of clothing back into public focus. The combination of soft flowing fabrics, delicate lace and a slender silhouette creates dresses with a mystic as well as a mysterious flair, evoking the memory of former times. Body and upper sleeves are mostly slim fitted while the sleeve cuffs and the skirt are very prominent and wide, so that these dresses are bearing a somewhat arcane style. Black lace, mystic violet hues or precious velvet: Literally tailored both for elf maids - immortal or not -, modern witches and wise Wiccans, as well as noble ladies from the Middle Ages looking for something special.

Victorian dresses and costumes of the Wilhelminian era

The 19th and early 20th century was defined by the industrial revolution and the dawning of Modernity. But when it came to women's fashion, Queen Victoria was still a large influence. Her style was determined by austerity and mourning black in memory of her beloved late husband, Prince Albert. Corsets and bodices shaped the ladies' busts, layered skirts and full-lenght aprons reached down to the floor. The Cul-de-Paris – the with crinolines or cushions enlarged derrière - experienced a renaissance, ladies strolled through parks and over city promenades in their finest attire. The Andersartig Gothic Shop offers you some selected Victorian inspired dresses in the style of this era.

Gothic dress – sexy or romantic

A gothic style dress can be romantic or sexy, playful or mysterious, formal or classy. Even everyday fashion cannot be imagined without gothic dresses where they stand for individuality, sensuality and style. A gothic dress always got a special flair and grants its wearer a feeling of grandeur, dignity, and reserved beauty. Not blunt and ordinary, but sensual and alluring, or also romantic and mysterious. Goth dresses are found at festivals and on red carpets, ceremonial events and edgy clubs. With a stylish gothic dress, a woman is always appropriate and ravishingly dressed.

Gothic Dresses from Andersartig

The gothic dresses at Andersartig are of the best quality and highest craftsmanship, innovatively designed from extraordinary patterns. We only offer aesthetic, high-class products which fully meet our demands. Shapeless run of the mill rags are a thing of the past. Here are fine and stylish gothic dress creations that haven't have to hide behind the finest designer clothing when it comes to design and manufacturing.