The Gothic look through the ages

"Does not all that inspires us bear the colours of night?" - More than two hundred years have passed since Novalis, a German poet of the 18th century (actually Georg Philipp Friedrich Leopold Freiherr von Hardenberg) asked that question. And still, black has lost nothing of its appeal. A testament to the timelessness of that colour as well as an invitation to seek beauty even in dark places. In addition to several other factors, it was mainly this kind of fascination that contributed to the rise of the Goth subculture. And as of many faces as the scene itself is also its fashion. While the clothing of the Goths was first determined by wide trousers and shapeless tops, worn as a deliberate contrast to the garish outfits of the 80s, the design language extended gradually. Punk and New Romanticism were an influence as well as historical quotations, for example from the Middle Ages or the Victorian era. There was experimenting with various materials, like velvet and lace, vinyl and leather. The result, despite the restriction to an extremely reduced range of colours, were extraordinarily imaginative creations, more than anything ever seen before suitable to accentuate and emphasize the individuality of its wearer.

Gothic fashion – versatile and alluring

In the 21st century, the Gothic style has conquered even the shops on main street, and now finally arrived on the catwalks of the world. Even the biggest skeptics have long been convinced that a wardrobe consisting of only one single colour (which, strictly speaking, is not even a real colour) does not have to be boring. Black is the new black, while only the lowest common denominator of an insanely vast number of styles and cuts, which allows a highly individual combination of your wardrobe... while white, purple and blood red add some colour to the game here and there! The secret of success of the gothic looks may lie in precisely this versatility: A business outfit, combined with, for instance, a gothic style pencil skirt, loses nothing of its integrity, while the same skirt, along with a corset or a see through blouse top, instantly evolves into a wild nightlife look. Dark and mysterious, playful and suggestive, sexy, strict, romantic or plain and simple – when it comes to gothic wear, anything is possible and everything is permitted!

The entire spectrum of gothic fashion at Andersartig

Here at the Andersartig online shop, we represent this diversity with our Gothic fashion for all occasions that brings out your dark side at all times. Ladies will find cocktail and party dresses as well as opulent robes and historic inspired ball gowns for festivals and soirees, and even their wedding dress. We offer Gothic corsets and corsages for stunning silhouettes, skirts from super short to floor length, and also leggings, shorts and hot pants. Tops like blouses and shirts of many different finishes are also available and are beyond perfect for casual everyday looks. For the gentlemen, we've got an equally impressive range, from classic gothic shirts of ruffles and black satin to shirts and tank tops in the military or worker style to elegant vests of satin and brocade. Pants like shorts and gothic pantaloons be there, of course, not forgotten. Gothic coats and jackets will bring women and men alike in a stylish way through the cold season. With us, you will find your own personal style!