Andersartig Fashion Extreme - this name is our program

Our customers are different from others - and this is great! Nothing is more boring than uniformity and monotony around us. Everything but mainstream is our goal! We at Andersartig are looking for innovative labels and brave manufacturers, who don't look after the taste of the masses. Designers, who have visions. Extra-ordinary styles and exciting clothes to underlining your individual personality. Fashion creating a stir, challenging admiration, maybe provoking others.

Someone feeling different from the people that surrounds him - regardless if you are a goth, yearning for ghoulish romanticism; or a punk, revolting against pesky correctness all around; or being an erotic libertine, who loves it to visit exotic events and soirees, being proud of what he or she has and likes it to show - we have the right outfit for your desires!

We are searching for manufaturers, whose products are not on racks at every high street corner. Our suppliers are coming from all over the world:

Lip Service (now 24Hrs) from Los Angeles, USA - being cult in goth and alternative wear for more than 30 years..

Punk Rave from Hong Kong, China - since 2005 Punk Rave stands for exttra-ordinary dark romantic fashion, that is perfect for every day.

Patrice Catanzaro nearby Marseille in France - provoking, sexy designs in in exclusive quality for ladies and gentlemen. The perfect outfit for the very special night out.

Noir Handmade from Wroclaw in Poland - erotic-exotic clubwear with the certain kick. Top quality at fair prices for she and him.

Burleska from London, England - the London Camden Market is the mekka of punk and goth fashion for decades. Located here is Burleska UK, world-known for corsets and waist cinchers in endless variations.