Cyber Gothic

Cyber Gothic = WGT meets Loveparade?

As one of the most recent tendencies within the dark scene, cyber goth is barely twenty years old. The exact origins around the turn of the millennium are somewhat in the dark, but in this darkness do flicker fluorescent lights: Were it ravers who turned their eyes to the gothic scene, or were it goths who discovered techno and other electronic music for themselves? The truth is probably to be sought somewhere in between. In any case, this particularly colourful style is subject to many discussions and often mildly ridiculed to openly hated by other scene members, not only oldschool goths. No wonder because this – at least at the first glance – random mix of styles may confuse even an unbiased observer.

Everything's so colourful here: Cyber Goth as garish dystopia

So where can the line be drawn? What distinguishes the run-of-the-mill Happy Raver from the common cyber goth? Admittedly, the cyber gothic reference to the dark scene is primarily of an aesthetic nature and it that way not unlike visual kei, gothic lolita, the BDSM scene or the vampire freaks who all blend in rather well with the gothic style, but, however, rely on completely different sources when it comes to their motivation for dressing that way. The elaborate presentation of the cyber goths is definitely a special form of club wear and, other than a 'normal' gothic outfit, hard to find apart from the relevant parties and scene hangouts. The limited practicality may be one of the foremost reasons. Cyber fashion is often designed highly complex, the clothes specified by deliberately artificial materials such as vinyl, PVC and rubber, the outfits completed with accessories like surgical and gas masks, contact lenses, the infamous cyberlocks and especially various LED light effects. The dresscode is black, almost always combined with neon colours like pink, yellow or light green, and sometimes inverted so the wearer is completely dressed in white, with or without fluorescent accents. Dystopic traits are clearly visible, the glow can be taken as a warning, reinforced by the use of atomic and biohazard signs that the Cyber scene adopted as popular emblems. This may be dismissed as thoughtless appropriation, but it can also be regarded as a comment at contemporal history, as runaway technology and the associated threat of contamination are terrible current issues of our time.

Cyber Gothic fashion at Andersartig

With or without affinity for hard minimal sounds: The Cyber Goth Style inspires an ever growing number of fans and partygoers. This comes at no suprise, since the futuristic fashion is perfect to showcase ones bodily assets. Vinyl and wetlook in deep black are drawing attention and are background as well as a contrast to the aforementioned fluorescent neon accessories. Meanwhile, miniskirts and net-tops ensure you don't work up a sweat to fast, even at a wild dance night. Details such as buckles, garters and strategic cutouts emphasize the post-apocalyptic character of the respective pieces. In addition, the cyber look invites to play with gender roles, for it has a certain androgyny to it, blurring the boundaries. An example of this are flokati jackets from deep pile plush, reminiscent of the fur of never seen before wild animals, forming a silhouette that doesn't give away if a man or a woman is hiding underneath. At the Andersartig online shop you find a steadily increasing range of cyber goth fashion for him and her!