Vinyl / Fetish / Clubwear

Frivolous clubwear, pvc and fetish fashion: Anything goes!

Going for a big night out in your everyday clothes? Of course you can do that, but standing before the doors of the trendiest clubs you will most likely hear the dreaded “Not you!”, even more so if this place is a scene hot spot, demanding a certain dress code. Moreover, getting ready is half the fun and even a special kick for many men and women - to dress themselves up in a fancy, lascivious or flippant way and emphasize his or her own physical charms, enjoying themselves among likeminded folks. By no means this has to be a sign of easy virtue, and you also don't have to be a compulsive fetishist to like erotic attire. To be honest: It's quite boring to go out for a party in the clothes you are always wearing. Although there are some people around who wear the hell out of their favourite band shirt, worshipping one item of clothing in a kind of nearly-fetishistic way, most people think different. Being literally dressed to kill is so much fun, so just be brave! We offer a plethora of frivolous club wear in different variations for men and women. We are always looking for manufacturers and products away from the ordinary, clothes that stand out and are sexy, edgy, elegant or provocative - just different (= andersartig). The most diverse designs can be realized with fabrics such as vinyl, artificial leather and transparent mesh, revealing sometime more, sometimes less, emphasizing or concealing the silhouettes of their wearers.

Vinyl fashion – a fabric like no other

For a number of reasons, vinyl is especially popular as a material for erotic club wear: Vinyl is extremely smooth and emphasizes the physical attributes of the wearer in a most beneficial way. Vinyl is highly glossy and therefore plays with the smallest reflections - perfect for the dim lounge or the spots on the dance floor. Vinyl clothes are made of synthetic fibers coated with a thin layer of plastic. The fabric is also known as PVC, though in today's vinyl fashion manufacturing real PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is largely avoided due to its lesser flexibility and wearing comfort compared to other synthetic materials. But because it is a little more rigid it is still used as a coating for vinyl corsages and corsets. After all, a corset should not stretch too much, otherwise it would fail its purpose. In addition, a corset is usually lined with cotton, which increases the comfort considerably. The vinyl garments we offer are usually made with a combination of polyurethane (PU) and polyester (PE) which provides good fit and tensibility in addition to the typical irresistible shine. Especially when it comes to bodyhugging vinyl fashion, it is important to choose the right size. It should fit tight, but just not too tight. Otherwise, you can compare it to a rubber band constantly expanding over its limits, the elasticity is gone soon and the materials tears. It's not easy to tell vinyl clothes apart from similar garbs made of latex or rubber with only a quick glance. The difference lies in the comfort – while latex is completely waterproof and air tight, vinyl fashion is breathable, although on a very low level. Latex is quite hard to put on and very prone to damage. Clothes made out of vinyl are more robust and flexible, put on as fast as taken off, and generally much cheaper. Even known professionals often have to look twice to realize if the person before them wears latex or vinyl. Apart from that, clothing from vinyl or PVC is more than a fashion statement and for its lovers far supreme to the solely aesthetic pleasure of other clubwear. No wonder vinyl, together with latex and leather, forms some kind of Holy Trinity of fetish fashion.

Fetish wear and more at the Andersartig online shop

The boundaries between fetish and erotic clubwear seem fluent, mostly because both styles require to be put on display in a night out way - a fact that many designers have taken advantage of by integrating fetish elements into their collections. So today things like bondage details on the catwalks and in the mainstream fashion are no longer a rarity, however a harness, even if it is worn over a non-transparent top, may still cause a great deal of attention. Compared to simple corsages, restrictive corsets intrigue with the relentlesness that forces their wearers (females as well as courageous males!) in an extremely upright posture. If the night is to be conquered, on the dance floor as well as in the dark room, it needs to be a very special and anything but everyday outfit. Here at the Andersartig online shop you will find everything you need! We offer fetish and club styles from elegant to risqué for ladies and gentleman who love turning night into day. Provocative mini dresses, ultra short skirts, strict tops, cool shirts, catsuits and jackets made of many materials and with exceptional details such as rivets, mesh inserts and strategic cut-outs are just a few examples from our wide selection. Choose between vinyl and wetlook, leather and nylon, delicate lace or futuristic PVC and piece your perfect outfit together to live your lust and show how you really are - just different!