Punk Rave

Punk Rave: Fine Gothic Fashion Couture

From extra-ordinary gothic pants to romantic tops for women and gothic shirts for men

Goth culture is no phenomena exclusively to Europe or maybe the USA - it spreaded all over the world. Esp. in asian megacities gothic culture with its dark ambience is widely present. Gothic Lolitas and Visual Kei Freaks from Japan conquered asian mainland long since. Founded in 2006, designers label Punk Rave near Hongkong is fix part of alternative fashion world. Todays products range from a synthesis of gothic, punk und couture off the beaten path. Innovative creations, high-value workmanship and most modern fabrics are the trademark of Punk Rave. Gothic panst for women such as extra-ordinary goth leggins, palyful ruffle blouses and dreamy lace dresses, fine evening dresses, but also all-day gothic fashion for men and women. Punk Rave offers exclusive and exceptional fashion especially for men, ranging from historic inspired gothic shirts and tops to multi-functional gothic pants. There is also label Pyon Pyon, presenting styles linked to the gothic lolita origins of punk rave.

Divine gothic pants, shirts, skirts and more goth fashion

Punk Rave is heaven for ladies appreciating an individual and flamboyant look. We offer punk-like gothic pants for the tough urban amazone, as well as skirts and dresses for the romantic woman. Find tight lace leggings and jeggins, figur-forming pencil skirts, asymmetric cut styles, of hot mini dresses. Historic inspired lace blouses and shirts, gothic tops or exclusive gothic jackets. But fine goth and alternative wear is not for girls only - men will also enjoy extravagant gothic style fashion.

Do you have questions to styles, items or fit? Just ask us and we are happy to help you.