Wetlook Dresses

Sexy, dazzling, sensual - wetlook dresses

Skin-tight fitting fabric, shining glossy like being wet, revealing all the female attributes without even really showing something: Welcome to the wet look fashion world! A wetlook dress emphasizes your curves and fits like a second skin. In our wetlook dress shop we offer wet look dresses at reasonable pricing and in many variations and styles, by brands like

  • Punk Rave
  • Noir Handmade
  • Patrice Catanzaro

Wetlook dresses are characterized by a distinct soft shine, evoking the illusion of wetness without even being damp. This extraordinary fiber can be easily combined with a wide range of materials, like patent leather, lace, or power net. A vinyl or PVC dress as well as a fake leather dress gain even more extravaganza with accents in the wet look style.

Wet look: Glossy shine without getting even moist!

Venus, Roman goddess of love, beauty, sex, and fertility, rose from the ocean in a seashell. Without a doubt, she was soaking wet from head to toe. To this very day, damp shine on naked skin counts as sexy and appealing, accentuating the silhouette without being overly flashy. A wetlook dress achieves this effect without effort, allows the lady wearing it to feel like a goddess herself. By the way, wet look corresponding perfectly with the female body doesn't mean that there is no wet look fashion for men.

Wet Look dresses for tingling titillation

Especially for fetish lovers, wetlook dresses are always a hot subject. The smooth feeling of the fabric on your skin is of the same importance, as the breathtaking sight the dress and its wearer offer. Compared to vinyl fashion, a wet look dress is very slinky, consisting of finer fabric, which flows like water around the female curves, glittering seductively. Seeing and feeling form an entitiy, challenging sensual explorations. As smooth as the fabric itself is the transition from wet look to other materials. Has this cool artifical leather dress wet look details? Got these vinyl dresses wet look accents? They may be referred to as wetlook dresses as well. Sometimes a wet shine is all it needs to give wet look afficionados that dewy-eyed look...

Wet look dresses as fashionable clubwear

Clubwear and party fashion also caught up on wetlook recently. There are currently many wet look dresses around and not limited to the boudoir. For painting the town red, a long wetlook dress just suits fine, for hitting the dance floor, a wet look mini dress will let all the lights shine on you. Combined with studs or contrasting lacing, the perfect club dress for a night out awaits.

Wetlook dresses by Andersartig Fashion

A cheap wetlook dress doesn't have to look like its price tag. Due to the material, most ladies wetlook fashion is more budget than good vinyl dresses, but still great value for the spent money. The wetlook dresses at Andersartig provide an excellent price/quality ratio. We only offer upscale wet look dresses fully meeting with our high demands in terms of design and craftsmanship. Our wide range of styles serves every customer with their own perfect wet look dress.