Lip Service / 24HRS

Lip Service / 24HRS – The Original Cult for extra-ordinary goth fashion & clubwear

For punks and weirdos, fetish enthusiasts and party freaks - if you want to stand out of the mass, get your styles from Lip Service. Founded in Los Angeles/California back in 1985 by legendary and infamous punk fashion veteran Drew Bernstein (R.I.P.), the Lip Service brand stood for indiviuality and creative designs for decades. Alternative wear for men and women, beyond the edge dark fashion and gothic wear, sexy vinyl pvc editions for the hot and freaky. Extravagant fusions of fishnet and vinyl fabrics, strict industrial fashion and military uniform style - Lip Service set the standards. Since 2016 the cult label moved on under the brand 24HRS.

Hot Gothic Fashion for men and women at Andersartig

Mainly glossy vinyl fashion e.g. pvc skater dresses, pleated mini skirts and fitting tops in black or fancy apple candy red. Esp. for men the vinyl pants by Lip Service are legend. Three colors are available: shiny black, candy apple red or matt black fake leather - comning in two fits: Skin tight Straight Leg or Comfort Fit. Complimentary items like pvc tops for men, bonadge strap pants, and industrial style moto jackets are available too.