Burleska: Extraordinary and romantic goth fashion

From goth style dresses to goth corsets and pvc corsets

Burleska: This is classic goth fashion and alternative wear from the U.K. for more than twenty years, burlesque outfits, and victorian dresses. Elegant goth and steampunk outfits, shaping shiny vinyl corsets or artificial leather corsets. Ladies’ corsets of all kinds for reasonable prices are the main focus of Burleska, with a wide range of high quality gothic corsets with opulent lace and ruffles, as well as figure shaping fetish corsets, made of shiny pvc or rocking fake leather. This all is completed by romantic goth ruffle skirts, pvc mini skirts, or vinyl pencil skirts, shoulder shrugs and fashionable bolero jackets, or cheerful goth style lace and ruffle tops andgoth blouses.

Romantic goth corsets, seductive pvc corsets, and more goth and alternative wear

To achieve a feminine gothic look, choose vinyl corsets and pvc waist cinchers. Or goth corsets made with elegant brocade or romantic lace. Different versions as full bust corset, half bust corset or underbust corset are available. This kind of goth fashion for waist reduction and gives you a wonderful feminine shape. All Burleska corsets are hand crafted and are of high quality with a solid workmanship, fast lacing, inside spiral steel boning, and broad back panel to avoid jamming. All Burleska come with a small lace up instruction guide for all corset novices. Choose from full bust corsets and bodices or goth basques and corsages.

Wonderful goth corsages and victorian corsets completing goth mini skirts or long gowns to gorgeous goth outfits. Combine a corset with skin tight pants or jeans or a simple skirt, and you will convert an allday piece into a very special outfit.

Browse these great goth styles by Burleska. Please check our notes and tables for your perfect corset size. If you have any questions on Burleska or corsets in general, feel free to ask.